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Package 2 Hours 30 Minutes - Javanese Spice Scrub is made from 100% traditional Javanese spices without a mixture of fragrances, dyes and other medicinal chemicals, the spice scrub is made from selected rice scrub and natural spice powder.

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Starting from a massage treatment for full body relaxation, using special Indonesian techniques is very beneficial for improving blood circulation, calming nerves and muscles, moisturizing,
nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Start body exfoliation to remove dead skin wrinkles and stimulate new skin cell growth to make skin look brighter, fresher, healthier and more radiant using a series of products
Herbal body care.

Get warm from the sauna. The benefits of sauna for skin health, creating a cleansing effect.
The heavy sweat produced in the sauna has a cleansing effect on the pores and glands,
while removing toxins and impurities.

Skin care by applying masks all over the body to maintain softness, moisture, and nourish the skin. Enjoy the sensation of soaking in the Jacuzzi and bubble bath at the same time.
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